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LED Desk Lamp

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LED Desk Lamp

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LED Desk Lamp

LED lighting equipment with sensitive lighting function for study and light therapy

  • Full color expressive function
  • Function of improving study efficiency through color temperature
  • Function of psychotherapy effect by color


Function of expressing all colors through color and illuminance control in the lighting
Offering 256 kinds of full-color expression through color and illuminance control using three colors (RGB) LED light source The color or brightness of the lighting can be adjusted according to the user’s mood or surrounding atmosphere. Considering individual user's eye fatigue and mental state, TECHNOLOGY maximize the efficiency of study and light therapy function by widening selection width

Change color temperature & color brightness according to your tastes depending on the object of leaning!

Adjust color temperature & color brightness freely according to three sections:
language, mathematics, and creativity!

Study mode function

Design to improve learning efficiency with the selection of most suitable color temperature according to learning content (mathematics, language, creativity) by applying various data including illuminance and color temperature of solar heat

Study lighting function

Light-therapy mode function

Although this developed product can express all colors, it is specialized for blood circulation and tension relaxation functions, considering stress from study, and organized for easy use.


*Psychotherapy effect with color

Red Light for blood circulation
Red, representing passion, effects on relieving wounded area and congested area. Also this color can stimulate blood circulation.
Blue light for fatigue recovery and metal stability
Blue is known to provide progressing effect and reliability. Research founded that this color boosts smooth metabolism, stimulates growth, and recovers blood circulation to normal state.
Orange light to relieve depression
Orange, mix of red and yellow, is warm and active, but softer and arouse more pleasure than red. In addition, this color is known to help digestion, by promoting mind, warming the body, and reinforcing spleen function.
Violet light for diet(appetite suppressant)
Mind-stabilizing violet. The physiological image of violet is spring, and this color reinforces affection with sweetness and empathy, and creates the feeling of love.
Yellow light for treating colds, motor nerve activation
Yellow is the color of the sun, a mass of energy. Therefore, it is known to activate motor neurons, and has an effect on creating energy used in muscle especially. This color is also effective on digestion and giving vitality to our body.
Green light for anticancer effect
Green that helps to balance emotion is commonly used to cure diseases related to physiological states such as depression.

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